Nikola Stoyanov, founder and principal shareholder of STOYANOV ENTERPRISES
Nikola Stoyanov, founder and principal shareholder of STOYANOV ENTERPRISES

STOYANOV ENTERPRISES is a Bulgarian corporate group of companies operating in the real estate field. The group’s founder and primary shareholder is Nicola Stoyanov, a business entrepreneur who founded his first company in 1998. Inspired by his time in the UK, where he was studying and working on student programmes between 1997 and 1999, he decided to build up his own business in Bulgaria. The company was to be based on Western development models, combined with the highest standards of customer service. The problems prevalent in Bulgaria in the 1990s did not prevent him from realising his dream. In fact the economic crisis provided him with even greater motivation. He worked around the clock to develop his ideas in a completely different business environment and an only nascent corporate culture.

His first company, EBPW, began operating in the field of digital marketing and internet advertising as early as 1998, at a time when the Internet was not accessible to the general public. This was when the first group of commercial sites for tourist services and hotel reservations such as,,,,,,, and others were developed. After operating successfully for several years, the group of tourist sites was sold to SILKY HOLIDAYS, a tour operator. This allowed Nicola Stoyanov to concentrate entirely on his new real estate and construction ventures. So, in 2003 he established Bulgarian Properties, his first real estate agency which was entirely focused on working with foreign buyers of Bulgarian holiday and rural properties. In 2016, Nicola Stoyanov sold his share to his partner, so that he could concentrate entirely on the development of the family holding business, which today is united under the name STOYANOV ENTERPRISES.

To date, our corporate group has more than 30 companies. The primary companies in the group generate annual revenue of more than BGN 15 million (2021). Nicola Stoyanov is a major shareholder in all the companies in the structure, and in each of them he is partnered with various other shareholders, as well as with his wife, Nevena Stoyanova. The leading activities at the moment are:

  Agency business related to purchases and rentals of properties in Bulgaria and abroad. This operates in the form of a consortium of several leading "sister" real estate agencies, including LUXIMMO, Barnes Bulgaria, SUPRIMMO, STONEHARD, PROPERTY.BG, RENT A HOME, BUSINESS FOR SALE.BG;

  Construction, development and investment activities in the field of residential construction in urban and resort areas. The primary company is TASKOV & STOYANOV;

  Credit consultancy and financial brokerage. This activity is carried out by SUPER CREDIT, an affiliated company which is a BNB (Bulgarian National Bank) licensed credit consultant;

  Interior design and furnishing. Operated through FURNISH.BG;

The group’s companies work in complete synergy, sharing common resources, capital and management and marketing platforms. The business models are completely innovative for Bulgaria. In fact many of them are built on the ideas of our founder or borrowed from abroad, then further enhanced for the current market situation and conditions in our country. Nicola Stoyanov is always in search of new ideas and is constantly travelling the world to find the most recent and progressive concepts in all of the industries he is developing. He is a pioneer in many of his ventures and believes profoundly that in today's highly competitive and dynamic world of business, organisations can only achieve sustainability by incorporating innovative approaches and the constant modernization of all corporate systems and working methods to provide services to clients and partners.

Nicola Stoyanov is constantly studying the opportunities for Bulgarian property and clients around the world. In recent years he has developed business in many new and even unexpected global markets. For example, in addition to popular international real estate buying destinations, such as Greece, Austria, Spain and France, we can now provide our Bulgarian customers with an efficient agency structure for purchases and rentals in Dubai and the UAE. Between 2003-2015, after setting up our first agency we made a real breakthrough in the sales of Bulgarian properties to foreigners from Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Israel, Malta and even from distant Iceland. This was followed by the opening up of exotic markets such as Kuwait (2014-2015) and even successfully bringing in new clients from Germany (2015-2021), a traditionally conservative country. Nicola Stoyanov's greatest dream is to sell properties worldwide to clients from all over the world.

A leading factor in our success is the strong commitment shown by our managers and associates to our companies. We have achieved this by applying the use of advanced methods for bringing in and motivating people by ensuring a real professional career structure. They can make their way up through the hierarchy of companies based on their skills and results, eventually in a short time leading to key managerial and directorial positions. In addition, our internal commitment programmes provide our most loyal and dedicated associates with not only wonderful working conditions, but also the opportunity to acquire a personal share in the business through real and virtual company shares, a percentage of profits, and collective decision-making. We provide uncompromising dedication and loyalty to our partners who have entrusted us with the exclusive right to market their construction projects, just as we would do for our own projects. At the same time, by applying cutting edge digital marketing methods, in combination with traditional approaches to property advertising (including offline), we achieve the highest sales volumes, and even at the initial stage of construction.

We provide professional advice to clients who trust us as an agent for the sale and rental of their properties. We protect their financial interests by making every effort to achieve the maximum sales price in the shortest possible time.

We provide invaluable assistance to foreign investors and entrepreneurs who use our services to gain a foothold on the Bulgarian market, at all key steps on the way. Our clients are in safe hands, in the knowledge that they can rely on our vast field of connections and contacts with important Bulgarian state institutions and private companies which could be useful for the smooth start-up and operation of any foreign business in Bulgaria. This is just part of the recipe for business management which we have been successfully applying for the past 24 years!


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Brands in the corporate group

LUXIMMO is a luxury property consultancy company established in 2007, operating in the premium class of the real estate market, offering prestige properties for sale and for rent around the world. We created LUXIMMO to We provide our clients with all the necessary services in the field of the high-end real estate sphere under one roof. Our customers are highly educated and successful people, searching or offering quality properties, but at the same time, those are people who value their time and money, willing the get the best possible service on the market today.

LUXIMMO is the first bulgarian agency offering properties of the highest class in the country and abroad. Having more than 20 offices and representatives all over the globe, today we can present an extensive portfolio of high-class houses, luxury villas, lavish apartments, modern offices and plots of land in more than 15 countries worldwide. We also take part in prestige luxury property exhibitions and conferences.

Luximmo is the only bulgarian real estate agency with two awards from the prestigious international competition for agencies from around the world International Property Awards.

SUPRIMMO was created and developed by a team of experts with more than 15 years' experience in the real estate field in Bulgaria.

Our "hybrid" sales platform combines the power of digital marketing with the professional qualities and skills of our highly-qualified consultants. In this way we can achieve the shortest possible turnover time when marketing sale and rental properties. At SUPRIMMO we rely on the latest innovations in digital technologies which provide us with highly targeted marketing tools. They underpin our goal in achieving mass market penetration and deliver information and offers to the maximum number of potential clients. We combine these tools with a powerful online sales management system and automatic communication with clients and property owners. Our goal is to achieve reliable communication between property owners and their potential clients. This communication process is managed via our platform and our live advisors. Process management is fully entrusted to a system of artificial intelligence that we and our specialists have been developing over the past 10 years. The platform works in the clients’ interest to save time, money and stress. The system also provides welcome assistance to our professional consultants, carrying out much of the routine and tedious jobs which every real estate employee has to do. It gives our consultants more time to focus on the most important aspect of their work - dealing with the client in a friendly way and safeguarding his or her interest. The end result is a highly efficient, well organized workflow that leaves all participants satisfied and ensures that sales and rentals are achieved within the shortest possible times and at less cost. By multiplying the effect of the platform among an increasing number of clients and transactions, SUPRIMMO can significantly reduce the standard costs of customer service. This enables clients to benefit from high-quality real estate sales and rental at a greatly reduced cost, sometimes many times lower than compared to traditional real estate agencies.

STONEHARD is an international real estate agency and advisor focusing exclusively on new-build residential and commercial property. We market a variety of new and refurbished developments in many countries around the world. We provide a full sales and consultancy service to our clients, for both off-plan and completed new-build projects. Registered in England, our company has local branches and representatives in many countries, including Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Russia and CIS countries. Our affiliate network of local sub-agents covers more than 50 countries across the Globe. Our senior management team consists of multinational property specialists with over 15 years’ experience dealing with off-plan properties and serving international buyers and investors of different origins and cultures.

Apart from helping buyers and investors, we also work on behalf of developers and master agents looking to diversify their global presence by tapping into new markets and buyers around the world.

Our model is clear and straightforward. Based on just a few core principles, our simple business concept is to help anyone involved in the investment and purchasing process.

In today’s fast-changing business environment, STONEHARD is the preferred partner and industry specialist, who is able to act swiftly and advise accordingly, in order to achieve success for our clients.

Since its establishment in 2002, the agency focused primarily on serving foreign buyers using the British business model of developing an agency and providing services, which had no analogue in Bulgaria at that time. According to our clients' demands for real estate we managed to develop the agency at the national level, dealing with sales and rental of real estate throughout Bulgaria, including the capital Sofia, all major cities (Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, and Vidin), all Bulgarian resorts (ski/mountain, beach, golf, and spa), as well as the country's rural areas. Elements of this business model are preserved in our work to this day, as the company already serves not only foreign customers but also Bulgarian buyers and tenants.

PROPERTY.BG offers an extensive portfolio of over 35 000 properties in the capital, all major regional cities and resorts across the country, as well as in many rural areas.

PROPERTY.BG develops a specific business concept based on many years of accumulated experience in the industry and established trust among thousands of foreign customers, with whom the agency has worked with extensively during the first 15 years of its existence. Thanks to its extensive sphere of influence among the thousands of foreign property owners in all cities and resorts in Bulgaria, today PROPERTY.BG has a unique portfolio of exclusive properties that are available for purchase only with us!

Our team of trained specialists and consultants aims to provide a full range of high quality brokerage and legal services in the process of buying, selling or investing in real estate anywhere in Bulgaria.

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